What to Expect?

“Train to Teach” – this is a conference to build up, strengthen & equip young leaders, who will build up the next generation. However, what exactly happens at KVBC NextGen and what makes people come back? Here’s 4 things that make up the conference:


1. Training Groups

Training groups are at the heart of KVBC Next Gen. You will be placed in a small group where you will be taught a model to help you understand and teach the Bible, specific to your ministry (teens, campus or young adult). The training groups are:

Year 1 – Strand 1 : Biblical Exegesis

You will learn a model that will enable you to understand and teach a passage faithfully and confidently. You’ll learn the importance of the Big Idea and get to write your own Bible study from a New Testament passage.


Year 2 – Strand 2 : Biblical Theology

(required to have completed Strand 1)

You will build upon the model you learnt from Year 1, but this time the focus will be the Old Testament, specifically Biblical Theology. You will learn how to understand and teach an Old Testament passage, in light of Christ, and applying it today.


Year 3 – Strand 3 : Systematic Theology

(required to have completed Strands 1 & 2)

You will build upon the model from Years 1 & 2, but this time the focus is learning how to think theologically. You will learn how to understand and teach any topic in a gospel-centred way.


2. Bible talks

Part of the NextGen program is to hear clear Bible talks each morning and evening. During these session delegates will be able to see first-hand some of the things they’ve learnt during the week being applied. The speakers are all active and seasoned practitioners of what Next Gen represents.


3. Ministry Enhancing Workshops

Workshops provide leaders with tailored guidance on leadership in the areas of youth ministry and children’s ministry. Eg. The Personal Life of a Leader, Leading Small Groups, How to Share the Gospel.


4. Mutual Encouragement

Meet the trainers at Next Gen – experienced leaders, eager to share their knowledge, experience and tips for ministry! There are also many opportunities for fellowship, encouragement and bonding with delegates from various churches. It’s an experience not to be missed!


Why People Keep Coming Back:

“I’m really happy that I came for this camp, and really sad that I may not be able to come back next year. I think more youth leaders should attend it to not only equip themselves with the Word, but to be encouraged and motivated by the fellow delegates that would surround them, delegates with similar responsibilities. The talks were really relatable and understandable. Thank you once again guys, for organizing this. I’m sure everyone and I really REALLY appreciate it.”

“From the Bible talks, I’ve received a word in season for every aspect of my life – work, family, ministry, relationship! From the strand sessions, I’ve learnt a structured and systematic way to study and teach the Bible which would be very helpful for me when I prepare material for my cell group.”

“It has helped me to understand the Word of God better and it has challenged me to continue reading, discovering and applying God’s Word in my daily life.”

“Equipped me with solid Bible Teaching and interpretation skills. Also, have been encouraged by meeting like-minded individuals. Bible Talks have really convicted me to live out a life for the Gospel.”

“I’ve learnt so much about how to read the bible. The bible talks have been really great too! And I’ve also made good friendships throughout this conference. Being able to see God’s word so truly alive.”

“1) learning on how to prepare my own bible study 2) reminder to always do good – constantly and regularly, not just one off 3) qualification for being a leader, how to be a better leader, how to encourage / lead my members 4) reflection and reminder to live a holy life”

“It helped me to see the importance of building the Next Gen and the need to equip myself to be able to teach and train the next gen. I’ve also build some networks with the brothers and sisters from other churches. (So important to network and work together with other churches)”

How are we intentionally building up the next generation to take over from us? When we leave our positions, who will be capable to take on leadership? Who are you training NOW to take over you?

We know that even one conference is not enough, and we continually need encouragement to build the next generation, a yearly reminder, a community who will encourage us on when things get hard and when we get weary or lose sight. There are many ministries all around Malaysia who are doing their best to disciple young people, like you! Take some time off, come together and be mutually encouraged!

Still not convinced? Read an article on “The Necessity of NextGen”.

What are you waiting for? Save the Date for KVBC Next Gen 2018!
13-16 June 2018 (registration opens in March 2018)