Train To Teach

Ministry is challenging! How do you read the bible? How do you handle scripture faithfully and teach it to others? We are often weighed down in running the ministry, without even having the time to think of our own growth and training. What if you could be better equipped to faithfully handle the Bible well & learn to teach it to others in your ministries?

KVBC NextGen is an annual conference that seeks to do just that!


Join us for a 4-day training conference that seeks to equip Christian leaders in children, youth and campus ministries throughout Malaysia; to grow in godliness, in faithfully handling and teaching the Bible to others, and in bringing up godly leaders of the next generation. Sign up at the link below!

A Word


There’s nothing better than the gathering of leaders from churches all over Malaysia, coming together with a desire to grow in godliness and handling the Bible faithfully, that they may serve others under their care better! Over the last 5 years, we have seen many come with a deep passion for God’s Word and an evident love for His church.

It’s been such a joy and privilege to watch delegates grow in confidence in reading God’s Word and teaching it to others. If that’s your desire, do come along to this year’s conference! We can’t wait to meet more like-minded gospel partners!

Siu Fai


KCC NextGen

Since 1990, KCC NextGen has trained over 14,000 next generation gospel leaders to faithfully pass on the gospel to others. KCC NextGen is a ministry of the Katoomba Christian Convention, a Bible-preaching convention ministry that was founded in 1903 in the tradition of the Keswick Convention in the north of England.

KVBC NextGen is a ministry of KVBC Trust.