Train To Teach

Ministry is challenging! How do you read the bible? How do you handle scripture faithfully and teach it to others? We are often weighed down in running the ministry, without even having the time to think of our own growth and training. What if you could be better equipped to faithfully handle the Bible well & learn to teach it to others in your ministries?

KVBC NextGen is an annual conference that seeks to do just that!

Join us for a 4-day training conference that seeks to equip Christian leaders in children, youth and campus ministries throughout Malaysia; to grow in godliness, in faithfully handling and teaching the Bible to others, and in bringing up godly leaders of the next generation.


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, KVBC NextGen 2020 will be proceeding as a digital conference! Though it will be a different format and experience, the DNA of NextGen remains the same, to “Train To Teach”.

Watch the video below to find out more about this year’s conference!

A Word


What an incredible journey it has been over the last 6 years! We’ve watched with astonishment as God has grown KVBC NextGen from a small group of young men and women to a conference with 200 delegates from nearly 60 churches the last time round. We’re filled with gratitude for all that He has done, not least through the inspiring efforts of our founding Chairman Siu Fai.

Like any evolving movement, we’ve experienced growing pains, as we deal with the changing dynamics of running a larger-sized conference as well as leadership transitions. Nonetheless, our core mission has not changed: we still want to see the next generation of leaders equipped to handle and teach the Bible well, to grow in love for the Lord and for his church, and to encourage each other to persevere in our ministries. We’re still here to “train to teach” – not simply to transfer information, but also to model godly discipleship as best as we possibly can.

As such, we’re looking forward to welcoming both our regulars and newcomers alike to our 2020 Conference. We want to keep fixing our eyes on the Lord, and to remember he alone is sufficient – hence our theme this year: Who is like our God? So, if you want to be better-equipped to serve your local churches, if you’re hoping to be encouraged by other like-minded Christians, if you want to be refreshed again from the Word that God is really worth hanging on to, do come along! We’ll love to meet you!

– Brian King



KCC NextGen

Since 1990, KCC NextGen has trained over 14,000 next generation gospel leaders to faithfully pass on the gospel to others. KCC NextGen is a ministry of the Katoomba Christian Convention, a Bible-preaching convention ministry that was founded in 1903 in the tradition of the Keswick Convention in the north of England.

KVBC NextGen is a ministry of KVBC Trust.